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The Easy Way To Get The Big Picture

Intefruit is a tool that helps the user to interpret crop production data, spot trends and relationships. and make better management decisions. Using Intefruit to quantify and analyse variability, vineyards or orchards can be split into different management units.  Intefruit also enhances communication between growers, fruit processors, winemakers, pack houses and external consultants as they can all see the same view within seconds.

Intelligent Fruit ProductionIntefruit's unique design brings together data from all stages of fruit production, and allows you to make intelligent production decisions. Seeing the results of soil, leaf, fruit and harvest testing all in one place, and from different perspectives, makes it much easier to understand a crop's nutritional requirements from a holistic point of view. You're then able to go beyond simply maximising your crops' yields, towards growing fruit with specific flavours, ripening, storage or processing qualities. We call this 'Intelligent Production'.

Growers often have to deal with a wide range of different test results (soil, subsoil, petiole, blade and juice) and parameters (different chemical elements, disease status, crop yields) at different times (years, seasons, phenological stages). As more and more data becomes available, its often difficult to see “the big picture”.... or to focus in on specific issues.The more you use it, the more value you'll get from Intefruit.