Intefruit has been designed so that data can be easily shared.

Web Access


2:Downloaded For Further Analysis

CSV Export


3: Printed As A Screen Report

print screen

Intefruit is a web-based service, available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Account owners can arrange for others to have access to all or some of their data through Intefruit. For example, growers can grant access to their preferred agronomic advisors and fertiliser suppliers, so that everyone sees the same picture when deciding on future fertiliser requirements.

Export and Analyse

Intefruit makes it easy to for those who wish to analyse Intefruit data further, or make use of Intefruit's images. For example, agronomic consultants might wish to incorporate data or graphs from Intefruit into their own reports to the grower - in this case, graphs from Intefruit can be exported as images, or printed as screen reports. And those with appropriate permissions can even export the data itself in .CSV format, for further analysis.

Images and data from Intefruit can be :-

1: Copied Into Consultants' Reportsconsultants report