Thanks to Intefruit's clean and intuitive design, you'll soon find that exploring your data has never been easier. And you can be confident that your staff, colleagues and advisors will find using Intefruit just as easy.

Help When Its Needed

Text has been kept to a minimum, and colour is used sparingly. For example, this Sample Type Key shows how data is colour coded to indicate the type of sample from which it is derived.  

Pop-up Help menus are available throughout Intefruit, but they never intrude. One click of the Help Symbol (?) is all it takes to immediately provide guidance for the new user. 

  help bubbles
The Power Behind The Simplicity

Don't be fooled by Intefruit's ease and simplicity of use - hidden behind its simple, uncluttered screens is a very sophisticated and powerful software application. Intefruit is one of a new breed of software systems, often referred to as a Rich Internet Application ('RIA'), that has the power of conventional desk-top software with the immediacy and convenience of the Web. As you'll soon discover once you start using Intefruit, all of this adds up to an experience that is compelling, dynamic, and - most of all - useful.