Intefruit is an ideal tool if you are an horticultural consultant, since it brings together all of the data needed to make sound recommendations about crop nutrition.  With Intefruit you'll be able to show your clients that you've considered a wide range of relevant data - including looking at trends over time - rather than just basing your recommendation on the most recent laboratory report.

Clients Love Pictures

People find complex information much easier to understand when its presented visually. You'll soon find that your clients will love your reports when they incorporate data and graphs from Intefruit!

Intefruit Makes You More Efficient

As a consultant you can have access to the data for all your clients who subscribe to Intefruit, in one place. When you log on to Intefruit, you will be presented with an additional drop-down menu showing those Intefruit subscribers who have given their permission for you to access their data. You simply select the particular client who's data you wish to analyse. Its as easy as that.
As well as allowing you to save graphs and print reports, Intefruit allows you to export the data itself. No more time wasted while you search for lost reports or missing pieces of information. Intefruit becomes a powerful tool for you to quickly access your clients' data whenever you wish, freeing you to focus on interpreting their crop nutrition requirements.

Intefruit can't make recommendations for you .... but it can give you all the information you need so that your clients receive the best possible advice, as efficiently as possible.