Intefruit presents many different views of your data. You can look at your data as Reports, from the point of view of Historical Trends, and from a Geographic perspective.

Report Views
Over the years, you've probably gathered a lot of data about your horticultural enterprise. Its all there, somewhere: laboratory reports, field measurements, production statistics going back many seasons. The challenge is to keep track of all this valuable data, and collate it into one consistent view just whenever you need it.  This is precisely what Intefruit does. 

Intefruit places information about your crop right at your fingertips. Soil and leaf test results, fruit tests, production data - its all there, going back in time as far as you want.

Paper reports are difficult to manage


A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words
Intefruit has been carefully designed to allow large, complex sets of data to be easily visualised. As they say, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. And thanks to Intefruit's deliberately uncluttered and intuitive design, you'll soon find that exploring your data has never been easier.   


Intefruit uses the concept of 'zone'  to cater for situations where a group of blocks with similar characteristics are managed as if they were one block. A group of blocks might be grouped into the same zone because they all represent the same plant variety, or because they share a common soil type. 

Typically all blocks in the same zone will receive the same fertiliser application rates and formulations. In some cases it makes sense to only test a selection of 'monitor' blocks within a zone, rather than testing every block every year. Or an agronomist might prefer to test different blocks from year to year. Yet there is still a requirement to see trends over time for the whole zone, and to view data from a zone perspective.

Historical Trends
A single piece of data can turn into valuable information when seen in the context of time, and other measurements. Intefruit's Historical view gives you easy-to-navigate trend charts that you can quickly customize to your own specific requirements. With these you can see important trends and relationships between the effects of plant nutrition and crop production.


Desired Ranges
With Intefruit it becomes very easy to compare actual measurement values for a particular property or variety against a desired range, or the mid-point of that range (the 'target' value).